About Us

┬┐Our History?

Well, it all starts when the Earth was created, and then...


66 Millon years B.C.
(or around 2010)

Puff!!! you have some dinosaurs roaming the market. Or as we like to say, the first of our predecesors. In this case, the first T-rex of digital advertising and the Arango partner: "Puzzle creativo".


33 Millon years B.C.
(which is 2015)

The world continued to develop and so, ¡voila!, some humans created the tools. The initial application derived from the Goodwind partner: "NickGoodwind T.S.J.".


1 A.D.
(most likely March 2020)

It was about time, someone put together all the great things! And fortunately a great civilization, prosperus and thriving, captivates the mind of the consumer and "ArangoGoodwind" emerges from the ground up.


1108 A.D.
(a.k.a. May 21 2020)

Some important castle construction was finished and we were able to publish the initial results up on www.theargw.com. It was the day the structure saw the light but without the splendor of time, just like Meiji castles.

Meiji castle

The XVIII century
(or June 12 2020)

Mayor revolutionary transformations shaked humanity and created the pilars for the current society we live on. And so, we too transformed the way we look and the way we feel.

City images

2020 A.D.
(or Present time)

We continue to develope, to thrive and to struggle. But as it is for humanity, for "ArangoGoodwind", nothing will become an obstacle for development, gathering and evolution!

Modern city

Many things are still to come, we do not know them yet, but there will always be space for you to participate on it.

Modern city